"Living Your Life Alive"
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"I wrote this book for you.
It's time to start living your life alive!”
Autumn Shields
Author - Entrepreneur - Speaker
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"Living Your Life Alive"
“Living Your Life Alive is not only a peak into what your life could be like living it fully alive, but it gives you real tools and exercises to actually take you there. You are worth it! Pick up your copy today.”
Chris Widener
Author of “The Art of Influence”
“Sparking presentation of living life. A positive message of healing and hope.”
Dr. Michael McBride
Founder of Somatic Energies
“I was deeply touched and inspired by your story and who you are – wow!”
Grace Purusha
Owner of The Center for Radiant Aliveness
Hardback Only $24.99
Includes Shipping & Handling
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"Clean and straight forward, the overall feeling of this powerful and dynamic book is one of calm acceptance, encouraging you to stop and think before moving on with your busy and hectic life."
Susan Friedmann, CSP international best-selling author of "Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market"
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